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February 01, 2018

After home, it’s preschool or school that plays a role in children’s learning and seeking knowledge’s process. A child spend plenty of his time in a school therefore, it is essential to choose the right school especially when they are in their early ages as it is the period where a child is in a phase of adopting even tiniest of the things from his/her surrounding.

Three little fingers is among one of the best learning center in Dubai, UAE and comprehends its role in your child’s overall development hence, focuses on all the key factors of a child’s growth through techniques that involves an intellect based activities as well as social interaction oriented exercises via our after school and workshops.

Importance of social interaction for early development of a child:

early education development of a child 22

It has been observed that simultaneous interaction between peers and adults helps a child to experience an immense amount of learning opportunities. In our preschool under the supervision of our qualified staff, we organize such cognitive and emotional interaction based activities that not only enhances children’s confidence and creativity but also their language skills and social intelligence. The concept is to provide a forum to each and every child where they can exchange ideas with their friends and teachers to expand their vision.

Self Esteem:

For a child, nothing is more shattering than being isolated and having no friends circle. It is important to encourage the children to interact and indulge themselves with their age group and adults without having a fear of rejection or being neglected. Keeping that in mind, we often arrange activities where each child gets a fair chance to pour out his or he mind so we can boost up their confidence and can provide them proper guidance as per their mental capabilities.

Help a child to create a desire to do better:

Early age of a child is a very crucial phase where he urges to learn more, to get appreciation, to attain acknowledgement and most importantly to have their parents and teachers ears to them. That is the time period where a preschool plays its part and create positive energy and desire in children to do better through social and curricular activities which push them to engage themselves in healthy competition. Three Little Fingers involve their students and teachers in numerous exercises for the similar purpose.

According to the Social development research group, it is important to have a bonding with a school for healthy development, hence, it is significant to provide your child the best preschool as a nursery plays a role of an encyclopedia for a kid and can lead him or her to have a better mental and physical development as whole.

Three Little fingers aims to provide the best early education to your child and would be pleased to join hands in hands with you to help you in your child’s holistic growth and development via our social, educational and curricular activities.

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