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Three Little Fingers is one of Dubai’s best learning center, and we can assure you, just like all our students, your kid will also love coming to us every day. Here, we believe that fun and education would go hand in hand. Our focus is to help every kind grow and learn new skills and to provide them with every opportunity to allow them to improve the skills that they already have.

It is a well-known fact that a child’s brain thrives on new experiences and activities. Pam Schiller said, “Curiosity is the driving force of intellect”, which is why, our staff is always happy to answer your child’s every question in the best way possible.

Our School science workshops | Primary School Science Experiments

TLF: Girl assembling electronics in science center workshop

From the laws of gravity to internet, there are countless things in the modern society that we should thank science for. As our children are growing, the need for them to keep up with the ever-changing world is very important – this is where school science workshops can help.

Most children are inquisitive by nature. It’s never too early to start teaching kids about Science and Technology. Which is why, for us, it is no surprise that many parents report to us that math and science are their kids’ favourite subjects. At Three Little Fingers, we nurture this curiosity through our school science workshops.

Our qualified and trained staff to provide kids with the best education in math counts, language works, and deliver high quality science education programs to ignite your child’s natural curiosity about the world and how everything works in it. Through our workshops, we bring fun and educational in-school science experiences and experiments right into child’s classrooms.

Science activities and experiments brings out the inner scientist in even the younger kids. We notice a child’s interest’s right from the beginning to help them grow. Children often asks us questions like what are stars made or? Why is the sun so bright? How big is the ocean? Why can airplanes fly but cars cannot? There I always a new question coming from their eager minds, and we always try to answer all their questions in the best way possible.

Our workshops and science experiments are specially designed to the show children how science plays an important a role the various aspects our life and what it can do for us all. This helps them connect to the wonderful world of science, no matter what their interests are. Our practical science experiments let students to make annotations and to manipulate different materials and equipment.

Our Other School Workshops and Programmes:

Primary School Science Experiments

Children develop memory at a very young age. They remember most of what they learn and see for the rest of their lives. From rhymes to their best friend, from their favourite toy to the puppet shows & workshops they attend, children remember majority of what they are thought in the first few years of their lives.

Primary School Science Experiments

At Three Little Fingers, we have design our workshops and programmes with a lot of care and consideration. Our goal is providing every child with the right education path that help them in their future endeavour. Some of these will include:

  1. Music Workshops: We all love music. Our music workshops are a great was for kids to enjoy their time in school while learning.
  2. Workshops in English: English is the 2nd largest most spoken language in the world. We understand how important it is for a child in today’s world to have a perfect grammar, good vocabulary and impeccable communication skills. Through or workshops in English, we help improve your child’s English language skills.
  3. Workshops in former Yugoslavia languages, Spanish and French: Languages are never wasted on kids, even if they don’t become fluent. Learning different languages can help children develop appreciation for other cultures.
  4. Sport’s workshops: Physical activity fuels the physical and mental growth of a child.A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  5. Modern and classic dance workshops: Dance workshops develop kids’ main dance skills and help them obtain the basics of rhythm. It is focused on basic and correct body posture.
  6. Art classes: The arts change the learning experience and transform the learning environment. Art smart helps children develop an interest and appreciation of art. It develops creativity in a child.
  7. Homework Help: We also provide kids with homework help to support parents and free up their evenings to spend time with their kids.
  8. Memory Game: Or staff also played memory games to increase your child’s mental growth, develop motor skills and coordination

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