About Fable
  • Philosophy


    Our Philosophy. Learning, curiosity, and motivation are natural and ongoing processes in children’s growth. We encourage children to be aware of the environment and appreciate the things around them. Hence, in our learning and day care center, our staff creates an atmosphere wherein these qualities are nurtured and encouraged. Our philosophy is framed by the lens that each child is a seed; just as the sun provides warmth, the rain provides water and the soil provides the nutrients to feed and nurture each seed, thereby realizing and cultivating the seed into its potential bloom, we believe we must provide the nourishing and responsive environment therefore like any other nursery in Dubai we are giving a learning environment to cultivate fulfillment of each child’s individual qualities and abilities, and then marvel as they bloom!
  • These philosophies encourage learning conditions that enhance thinking and experiential learning, tailoring the environment to accommodate children’s needs, and implementing a curriculum and various workshops that is guided by children’s interests, in an eco-friendly way. We believe that children, their families and society all benefit from a high quality, early childhood program in conjunction with an eco-friendly surrounding and that there is a critical link between a child’s early experiences and later successes in life. Our learning center aims to provide all of our children with the best possible education delivered by motivated, inspirational teachers who have been specially trained to teach an integrated curriculum. Our education is a response to the needs of children today, hoping to root their learning in authentic experience and scaffolding their growth through a higher order thinking processes, This will render self-awareness and a heightened sensitivity to being citizens in a culturally diverse world.
  • Particularly, as the world is extended beyond natural borders to virtual ones, self-awareness must be linked to promoting leadership qualities, directed towards effective judgment of how to use the gift of one’s natural freedom to prepare for a better tomorrow. This environment will be created by materials and resources, that are open ended, with teachers who are continuously growing as learners through professional development and a life-long appreciation of learning. Our warm and eco-friendly learning center offer green building details such as abundant day-light , toxic-free paints and finishes, and Energy-Star appliances after school learning centre, Our toys, furnishings, and supplies have been explored and considered to bring the best in learning and earth-friendly materials. Organic, locally-sourced food? Absolutely! Green cleaning practices and an eco-friendly curriculum? Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way! Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, focusing on developmentally appropriate practices and world consciousness, to build skills and concepts, after school learning centre, as well as continuously maintaining a close partnership with parents and community, the teachers will inspire, support, love and nurture each of THREE LITTLE FINGERS CHILDREN as our preeminent goal is to provide you a center similar to any other nursery in Dubai helping your child in their mental but physical growth as well.