Modern Kids Nursery School in Dubai

International Kids Nursery School in Dubai

Three Little Fingers is one of the renowned international schools in Dubai with their qualified and well trained teaching staff. Right schooling and guidance in an appropriate direction in the early age is equally important to help children in deeming and choosing the career as per their interest and abilities. Every child attains the most in the early years of his/her learning period hence, it is essential to provide them a curriculum that caters all aspects of child development (physical, motor, emotional, social, language and cognitive growth). It has been proven that pre-schooling plays a significant role in a learning process that sustains for long therefore, reaching out the best nursery for your child is as necessary as providing the best educational institute to them.

Now days, majority of the mothers are in the workforce so they end up with making their children to attend a day care on the regular basis. In the early age, children are learning sponges. They observe even tiniest of the happenings that occur around them. Every action they encounter every new experience they seek and every new word they pick up is an investment in a more fruitful by and by.

Modern Kids Nursery School In Dubai

Keeping all that in our consideration, we offer a best kids school for your children. We well comprehend the idea of encouraging holistic development therefore; Three little Fingers not only focus on our children’s academic but overall growth as well through our programs and activities which are created in a manner that encourage our each and every child to accept and understand the concept of cooperation as we believe that learning to share, cooperating with the peers and helping out each other is one of the techniques of heading towards becoming a better person as whole. Our aim is to help you in providing such Dubai modern Kids Nursery School to each of your child where they can learn to respect others opinion, listening, cooperation and equality via instilling the weightiness of teamwork as it has been observed as one of the lacking in children these days as they are unable to show the acceptance for each other.

Most of the time, children suppress their talent and capabilities because of the low confidence, lack of proper guidance, minimal opportunities of showing talent, in result their aptitude vanishes due to dearth of encouragement, hence, keeping this in mind, our nursery also organizes social activities among children that help them in boosting and brushing up their confidence as well as self esteem positive interaction with other children and teachers. The basic approach of our nursery school is to build such foundation that will help your child for his lifelong.

Correct schooling and parenting play their part side by side in nurturing a child along with his overall growth. We welcome you to join us in helping you to provide an appropriate guidance to your children and facilitating them with all the tools that would help in their holistic development.

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You can also opt an option of online admission or online registration through our website.

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