Learning through Play

September 28, 2017

Kids have a great appetite for knowledge and they learn very quickly. The best way to maximize their potential for learning is through play and experiments. Kids have a higher imaginative power and the traditional methods of learning don’t give the best results. Going a step further, play can be the perfect way to grow their imagination. It has proved useful for children across all ages.

How do children learn?

Children rely on their sensory capabilities to learn:
Tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling.

A lot can be taught to children by involving their senses in play. They watch and learn from activities happening around them to them pick up their language and behavior.

At Three Little Fingers, kids are taught the basics of every subject in an innovative and an experiential way. We have gone a step further and designed a complete Philosophy to teach the kids everything about the world in a fun and playful way.

Around the World Summer Camp

We cover topics like Continents, Transportation, Cuisines of the world with the help of craft and colors. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for kids while enkindling their curiosity.

Kids learn about the places by drawing and coloring shapes of the continents, identifying the peculiar animals, birds and fruits as well as cultures. They learn basics like ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Hello’ in various languages.

All the activities are done in groups to promote teamwork. Activities like using building blocks to make various things in a team helps the children learn work distribution, hand-eye co-ordination, and problem solving.

Children love making a mess, don’t they? But there is nothing better than a constructive mess for children to learn. Messy play is all about the increasing the sensorial prowess of children by giving wings to their imaginations.

Through our learning techniques and patterns we ensure an overall development in the children making learning a fun activity. Our flexible program is full of themes and adventures that will make your kids love to learn everything they can about the world.

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