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January 17, 2018

The Best Kids Leading Nursery School In JLT, Dubai, UAE

If you are looking for a good nursery school in Dubai, by now you must have realised that it’s not an easy process. There are so many options to choose from, and how does one know which one is the ‘right one’ to send your child to? And why is it so important to choose the best nursery school for your child?

Kids Nursery School in Jumeirah Lake Tower - Dubai Nursery Education

To help your make the best decision for your child’s nursery education, in this article, Three Little Fingers Nursery School in Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai, UAE shares their top tips to help you make the best choice in choosing your kid’s school and the benefits of choosing a good nursery school for your child’s future.

Why is nursery education important?

Nursery education is without a doubt the most important years of a child’s education. It plays a very crucial role in shaping a child’s future academic progress, their social skills (yes, you read that right) and their personality. Attending the best childhood nursery school has more influence on a child’s future than their gender or their family background.

Now, you must be thinking ‘Why is it so important to choose a good nursery school in Dubai for my kid? After all, nursery will no decide which college my child is going to go it, it doesn’t decide how many friend he/she will have in high school, and neither will teach him/her how to run a business”.

Yes, you are right about the fact that nursery education does not decide which college your child will go to or which career path he/she will choose however, a child’s whole academic future depends on his good schooling at a very early age.

How the best nursery education does effects a child?

Children are very impressionable, they learn what they are told and they adapt what they see. They are like a clean slate; everything you write on this slate (figuratively) leaves a permanent mark on it.

Studies show, that a high-quality nursery or pre-school education gives a child’s development a significant boost. What he/she learns at an early stage sticks with him for the rest of his life?

How to find a good nursery school in Dubai.

There are 6 things you should look for when choosing your kid’s school for nursery education:

  1. As mentioned in this article before, the best nursery education prepares your child for kindergarten and future school. It allows your child to build a base for his future education. When you choose a nursery school, make sure that the school you choose provides a good learning environment.
  2. Nursery education develops children’s inner skills and helps the child to shapes his/her personality. It will also help your child develop confidence in interacting with adults. Observe the nursery school’s way of teaching and how their teachers treat the children.
  3. A good nursery school, like Three Little Fingers, will also help developing a child’s creativity as it will give your child a comfortable environment where they can feel confident expressing themselves.
  4. A good nursery school will develop your child’s social skills. Socialising with other children from different cultural background is vital for your child’s successful development.
  5. Children don’t have a sense of right or wrong, unless they are taught. The environment around a child is what he learns from. A good nursery school such as Three Little Fingers Nursery School in Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai, UAE, can provide your child with a well maintained and good environment.
  6. Also, take your time to look at the overall quality of the atmosphere, staff, learning and activities which they will be offered as this is the most important key.

Three Little Fingers is a quality Nursery School in Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai, UAE. Here, we are committed to providing your child with all the 6 points mentioned above and much more.

We pride ourselves on our happy, nurturing and safe environment. Our environment is developed to provide quality resources for teachers to deliver curriculums which will enhance children’s learning within a calm, respectful, safe and inspiring environment.

Why is nursery education important?

At Three Little Fingers, all children’s are treats as equals. Our goal is to ensure that your child is given every opportunity possible to develop and grow through our inclusive and holistic curriculum.

To learn more about our complete philosophy, vision and mission on our website:

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